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saw this on bizarre food with Andrew Zimmerman thought i’d check it out. ive always been for eating healthy and alternative meat sources growing up, i think that why i like fish an seafood as much as i do. take a look a the site and tell me what you think. I’ve got to get to bed BC ive got to get my lovely and wonderful bf to work tomorrow and ive got to get my homework done.

i feel slightly better

i am cursed, screwed, heartbroken

I feel so horrible, i said he was fucking irritating, and now he goes and hides in his brothers room, and i’m stuck in his room like always, and i’ve been crying a lot latley, and i know its not bc i’m pregnet bc he uses the condom but idk what is going on here and idk if i can move in with him. i’m wishing i were dead or that i was just friends with him or something bc i want it to work but he said to me he needs a girl that is strong and wonderful and awsome and all that. and i’m not that person i’m small and weak and i’m no good and i’m scared to be out on my own, ive told m bf i love him and i need my outlets and i needed my car back, and i need to go out to the club or have friends over, his outlet is his video games and making videos on youtube. all i have is being a party girl. and i like being the party girl or the geek girl or the whatever girl that i am. i like me and i can’t help that i am the way i am. i even tried to say i’m sorry and he wasn’t having it. idk what the fuck is wrong with him i dontk know what hi attitude is he says he feel like he hasnit had a day off since i got in school, yet he turns around and says he doesn’t have to help me with any of the homework

so im here in my bf’s room and trying to rack my brain in how to figure out what is wrong with us, and i say us bc its his fault to. he doens’t make me feel sexy, he just makes me feel jelous. i love him in everyway but this is the one thing i’m not so sure about.  i don’t know what we can do except moving out bc everything i’ve researched says do things out of the norm and do things like sexy hide and seek. i have a headache, and i’m smelling ciggarette smoke from the other room from the vent and remembering when i was with other people and trying to remember what it was about them that made me want them in that department. bc i don’t know what they did they were just able to read my body language and know what i wanted. and its not my fault that he can’t read body language. i give him hints all the time and he wants me to initiante everything and do everything. and i don’t want that i want to be desired and feel like i just can’t resist him.and want him all the time. but i don’t know how to tell him that bc of course he will say well how do i do that? and i don’t know i’m not supposed to tell you, your the one that is supposed to know your the guy. i’m sorry if i don’t have that high of a sex drive….

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