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i like big bang theory, i like Dr who, i like vlogbrothers  but i do not like it when people tell me  about my body and that i should exercise or that i should take vitamins! i don’t tell you what you should eat!  i don’t tell you you should eat a tub of lard BC it will make you fat and have more muscle, i don’t tell you you how your body works why should you tell me how my body works! you haven’t been sick for most of your life trying everything to get over that and when you finally do you get a migraines for no reason and then your feel like you back to square one. with being sick. and after that you want to loose weight and then you have you significant other telling you things like you need to to loose weight and you need to be more active. its like you don’t even like the way i look and you think im fat and your obsessed with me being healthy and i stopped calling you skinny BC you didn’t like that. so stop indirectly calling me fat! and saying i need to loose weight i;ll do it my own way even if i have to starve myself just so you will stop saying those things to me, it hurts when people say those kinds of things but its even worse when the person you love says it on a consistent basis. :”-(  

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